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As your wedding day nears, you're likely to get a lot of winks and nudges about your wedding night. But the reality is, the wedding night isn't always filled with oh-so-romantic and totally life-changing lovemaking. Here are 10 super common (and not terribly sexy) scenarios you might experience on your wedding night.

1. You will be STARVING. 

A lot of couples don't get to eat at their reception, so once the adrenaline of the day wears off, hitting the drive-thru or ordering room service is going to sound amazing.

2. You might be really sad.

3. Or really drunk.

Or really drunk AND sad. 

4. You may be in the early stages of a hangover. 


5. You'll probably need a moment to change out of your shapewear and into your sexy lingerie.

Because on your wedding day, you're going to be all about function over form.

6. And if your dress has a million buttons or hooks, removing it probably won't be all that sexy.


7. If you rock an updo, you'll probably take it partially down before getting bored and giving up.

Also, your room will be scattered with bobby pins, not rose petals.

8. You might not get any privacy.

Anyone from the hotel staff to your siblings might decide they really need your attention at that moment.

9. There could be MAJOR mishaps.

We've heard a surprising number of stories from couples who've spent their wedding night in the emergency room.

10. You will be EXHAUSTED.

This is incredibly common. But your wedding day is a really long day; don't feel bad if all you want to do is pass out the second the party's over.
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