How an Unhappy Relationship Can Make You Hangry and Unhealthy

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It makes sense that being in an unhappy relationship can make life a little less than awesome, but new research shows that going through a prolonged rough patch can have some serious implications for your health, too.
Looking at 43 married couples, researchers found a correlation between relationship issues and surges of ghrelin, the "I'm hungry" hormone (plus unhealthy food choices). Couples that were more hostile toward each other had "significantly higher amounts of the appetite-triggering hormone after arguments," according to Science Daily. The theory this research might confirm, according to researcher Lisa Jaremka, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences at the University of Delaware, is that having marriage problems can make people hungry and, as result of the stress that comes from said problems, those people will likely seek out comfort foods to feel better. Since these foods typically have more fat, sugar and/or salt, chronic marital problems could be lead to unhealthy lifestyles. Yikes. It makes sense that getting into a serious fight with your partner might make you want to reach for the Oreos, if only to temporarily make you feel a bit happier. Honestly though, this research presents a pretty good reason to kiss and make up with your partner since staying mad could derail your healthy eating goals. (And cause major post-binge eating regret.) Hey, whatever works, right? via Photo by Grafmaster/BigStock Looking for more relationship advice and ideas? 20 Oh-So-Romantic Love Quotes 20 Date Ideas That Are Under $20 How to Have More Sex When You're Stuck in a Relationship Rut
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