Born in the '80s? We Found You the Ultimate Wedding Band

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We can picture it now: It's a hot summer afternoon, we're rocking spandex shorts and jelly shoes, and we're getting down to The Rock-afire Explosion at the local ShowBiz Pizza. If you grew up in the '80s, we're willing to bet you have fond memories of singing along with the animatronic characters of The Rock-afire Explosion.  The most epic band from our childhood we think they could be the ultimate 80s wedding band. So we did some digging on our favorite set of characters to see what they are up to and here's a little reminder in case you're foggy on the details:

Takes you back, right? Well, if you're tying the knot soon and want to hire the ultimate retro wedding band, you may be in luck.

Aaron Fechter, creator of The Rock-afire Explosion, told Loverly that he has one set of characters ready to travel and perform at events. Fechter says the cost of booking the band would depend on the location of the wedding -- since he's based in Orlando, it would be cheapest to hire The Rock-afire Explosion there. He adds, "Once at the location, the number of songs we play is not that important in pricing. It's almost as easy to play for three hours as it is to play for 10 minutes."

Want a mix of nostalgic favorites and current jams? No problem. The band has performed a variety of newer songs in recent years:

They even backed up CeeLo in Vegas!

Fechter is eager to return The Rock-afire Explosion to its former glory, and loves that there's enthusiasm for the band among 20- and 30-somethings. "I have a name for the children who were between 1 and 10 years old sometime between 1980 and 1990," Fechter told us. "They're my 'Rock-afire Kids' and I am more than honored that they were so moved as children to want to bring the Rock-afire Explosion into their adult lives and that is the reason I am figuring out ways to give that to them and to continue the Rock-afire experiment."

Want more info? Email them to discuss booking The Rock-afire Explosion for your wedding!

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