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Finding that perfect piece of fine jewelry which has the uncanny ability to match with all your apparel is already a challenging experience, but trying to find something as timeless as your engagement ring or wedding band which expresses your love and devotion to your partner and is totally and utterly you is a whole other story. 
While there are many ways to choose a ring that speaks to you from the core of your soul, one of the most popular ways is by applying your natal astrological chart, so that you can better match your mental and emotional life with your physical life. 
Between your sun sign, the aspect that shapes your personality (sense of self) as well as your core identity within society and your nurturing moon sign which guides how you feel and how you apprehend your emotional life you can easily figure out what shapes, cuts, and setting styles your more likely to be attracted to than others. 
If you decide that you’re going to use astrological aspects (e.g. your natal sun and moon signs) to help guide you to your perfect engagement ring, wedding band, or even a pair of earrings or a pendant you should know that beyond these cosmic variables, what’s most important is what you inherently gravitate towards. 
Pro-tip: Knowing how to find your moon sign is a bit more difficult than finding your sun sign. We suggest you use a moon sign calculator. Keep in mind though that you will need to know the exact birth time of a person's life in order to get an accurate reading since moons sign change quite often.

Consider The Cut

Before we dive deeper into the specific attributes of each moon sign, one of the first aspects you should consider are the various diamond cuts, especially if you’re looking for an engagement ring. Like the twelve zodiac signs, there are twelve main diamond cuts that will help make your engagement ring style unique.

Fixed Signs

Princess, Square Cushion, Asscher, Radiant, and Emerald are the first five and are considered to have a more grounded feel due to their sharper angles and more classic diamond shape. 
People with their moon in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will generally feel more inclined to take on these sharper angles. They feel most comfortable expressing themselves through their routines and consistently implementing a practical approach to their emotional lives and therefore seek solid shapes more than any of the other moon signs.

Cardinal Signs

Round, Oval, Cushion, Marquise, and Pear are the next on the list of diamond cuts and although they do still have many angles, they have a bit of roundness to them. 
Cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn all exhibit an initiatory force as they are all placed at the beginning of each of the four solar seasons. Individuals with this initiatory force in their moon sign could mean they don’t hold their emotions back. 
They are the ones who express themselves with deliberateness and can be quite candid. There’s an inherent spark that keeps them in motion. And for things to be motion there must be a roundness to them, some initial curve. This is why if you have a cardinal moon sign you tend to gravitate more towards these five diamond cuts that exhibit some of the more dynamic curves. 

Mutable Signs 

Mutable types (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) are the most versatile signs in the zodiac. They have a knack for being able to weave different styles together in a seamless, somewhat playful manner. If a person has a mutable sign as their moon that means they are able to communicate their feelings–either with themselves or others– quite well.
They are also very fluid and feel most comfortable when things have to change. When it comes to expressing themselves via fashion they could assume a very free-spirited style. 
Mutables can utilize a lot of these different diamond cuts, add a unique setting style (whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding band, a bracelet, earrings, you name it!), and end up making it look altogether fresh and original. To top it off they are more likely to choose those unique and off-beat diamond cuts such as the trillion and the heart cuts due to their inherent knack for change . 

Choosing a setting style that speaks to you

If your chart is dominated by fixed signs you’ll more likely wear something that’s not only comfortable, but also a bit dazzling, therefore consider checking out setting styles that offer a pave and/or halos around the main stone. 
For mutable signs, there’s a good chance your wedding band or engagement ring might also exhibit a mutable quality with a twisted or split shank. You might even feel attracted to having two other stones to accent the main one. 
Cardinal signs are the ones who often enjoy the solitaire ring style as it is a timeless and classic look that shimmers with simplicity while also allowing them to showcase their inherent authenticity with one stone synonymous to their one love. 

Choosing your Jewelry based your Moon Sign

Your moon sign is your inner emotional compass and often influences the experiences, people (friends and family), and material items in life that offer you a sense of security. 
In other cultures, such as India where they use the Vedic Sidereal chart, the moon sign is considered the most important aspect. So whether you follow the east or the west, both charts place the moon somewhere in the top three. 
The moon sign along with your ascendent (first house) and your sun sign create a much more detailed picture of who you are in this life and will inevitably guide you to something you’ll always feel comfortable wearing. 


Aries moon people require honesty and directness in order to feel comfortable and at home. These traits coupled with their fiery creative inner world makes them more than willing to lead and what better way to express this outwardly with the unique yellow glow of this L’Amour Crisscut® Yellow Diamond engagement ring! 


With this Asscher Crisscut® Diamond engagement ring you can feel the stability at the turn of every corner of this ring, from the 1.25ct Asscher Crisscut® diamond center to the Crisscut® Tapered Baguette diamonds and the smaller round diamonds that flow halfway around the graduated shank. If your moon is in Taurus, you’ll appreciate the simple beauty and luxurious feel of this vintage bezel style Asscher while still remaining modest.
Additionally, if you’re looking to match your jewelry with your Zodiac birthstone these Emerald Earrings will definitely remind you of your roots and your inherent love for nature. 


This Solitaire  engagement ring comes in a unique setting with two Trillion cut diamond sides and smaller round diamonds flowing halfway around the split shank is not only sophisticated, but charming and wily, just like individuals with their moons in Gemini.
If you want to add a bit more flow, let everyone know that you feel most comfortable surrounded by free spirits with this  L’Amour Crisscut® pear diamond pendant shaped as a flower.


Having your moon in cancer makes you more sensitive and caring to those close to you. You like to keep mementos close by to remind you of special moments in your life. Just as big and bright as a full moon, this Round Crisscut® diamond engagement ring could help turn your mood around as you get all nostalgic about the past, bringing home some fond memories to your inner world. 


Everyone around you will know there’s a bit of royal Leo in your chart whenever you have this Round Crisscut® engagement ring provocatively scintillating the light at every angle. Featuring a 2ct round Crisscut® center diamond surrounded by a halo of 2.27cttw and a 3 row tapered shank full of fiery bursts of light, you’ll command attention just by the wave of your hand. 
If that’s not enough, you could go a step further with a pair L’Amour Crisscut® diamond earrings, just so if anyone doesn't know you have a big heart, they will with these sparkling floral earrings. 


Individuals with virgo in their moons may seem like perfectionists, when in reality all they crave is for things to run smoothly and simply. Similarly to their high standards when in an intimate relationship, people with Virgo moons are more inclined to show their love with the simple smooth shape of the L’Amour Crisscut Oval engagement ring while still .  


If your moon is in Libra your need for a balanced, polished look that’s still graceful and  full of beauty will be justified with this Oval Solitaire engagement ring. Not too ostentatious, but beautifully balanced by the roundness of the solitaire oval as well as the intricacies of the single pave of round cut diamonds, you’ll feel fully adorned and appreciated by those close to you.


With this Emerald Crisscut® diamond engagement ring you get layers. For someone with a Scorpio moon these sharp layers of tapered Crisscut® baguettes between smaller round diamonds lead to the center emerald, producing a dynamic ring that signifies intense transformation, much like the emotional life of a scorpio mooner. 


Just like this Emerald Crisscut® Diamond engagement ring, folks with their moon in Sagittarius love being active and are dynamic in their movements much like this split and winding shank, featuring two rows of pave set bullet cut diamonds. An added flair  with the unique double halo encompassing the center emerald matches well with their naturally buoyant personalities. 


With Capricorn in your moon you feel a constant tug of ambition and aren’t afraid to show this ambition outwardly. The L’Amour Crisscut® Pear shaped diamond engagement ring carries an air of sophistication as well as a sense of responsibility with its mixture of both sharp and round angles. Just like Capricorn, this ring is all about quality, not quantity. 


Unconventional and full of movement, this Cushion Crisscut® diamond engagement ring contains a medley of different shapes including a unique half moon diamond cut with smaller round diamonds that flow down its graduated shared prong shank, making it a perfect fit for those eccentric social butterflies that people with their moon in Aquarius tend to be. 


Connecting with your otherworldly moon in Pisces is only a glance away when you’ve got the L’Amour Crisscut® Pear diamond engagement ring on. Its unique curling split shank full of smaller round cut diamonds, all moving towards the halo and its pristine pear cut diamond, helps you transcend this mundane life into a winding spiritual journey full of creative expression and charm. 
Pro-tip: Not only does Christopher Designs offer most of their jewelry–including their engagement rings–in an assortment of metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, as well as platinum too, but they also have lab created diamonds too!
With the help of your natal sun and moon signs, you’re closer to finding that perfect piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking to get a custom engagement ring, wedding band, or an anniversary gift, shop Christopher Designs for a diverse selection of fine jewelry!
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