21 Hacks Every Budget-Conscious Couple Should Know

Get ready to plan like a pro.
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With the price of weddings becoming more expensive each year, budget-conscious couples are needing to get creative to cut costs! For the pair who wants to save a little cash on clever shortcuts, here are twenty-one money saving hacks that every couple should know...
1. Getting married on a Friday or Sunday is cheaper than Saturday. 
Saturday night weddings are prime time! To save money on the costs of venues and vendors, consider having your wedding on an off-evening. 
2. Stock up on coupons for crafting. 
Craft stores like Michaels and AC Moore offer coupons each week for shoppers. If you're planning to do a little shopping in their wedding sections (they sell cake toppers, champagne flutes, guest books and invites) or if you're planning to get your DIY on, stock up on coupons or download the app to get the best deals! Insider Tip: Both stores honor each other's coupons and on the Michaels app, you can use the same coupon each day of the week. 
3. Buy a slightly-loved wedding dress. 
To save money, consider buying a used dress or a floor sample of a gown. These gently-used versions retail at a fraction of the cost. 
4. Opt for a standing ceremony. 
Consider having a standing ceremony with a few chairs for elderly or disabled guests to save money on the rental furniture costs. Just make sure your ceremony is short and sweet if guests will be standing! 
5. Find a venue that's flexible with vendors. 
Choose a venue that allows you to use vendors outside of their preferred list. If you choose a venue that requires you to use their partners, you'll be locked into using vendors that might be out of your budget.
6. Follow vendors on social media for discounts. 
Sometimes, vendors will give special promotions or discounts to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram fans! Follow along to see if they offer any deals. 
7. Use credit cards to purchase services and get rewards back. 
Use a credit card that gives you mega points or cash back when making big purchases for your wedding to make money off of the transactions! 
8. Have your ceremony and reception at the same place. 
If you opt for one venue, you'll cut the costs associated with renting two venues and transportation between spaces. 
9. Utilize the grocery store. 
Some grocery stores, like Whole Foods, offer specialty floral and catering services. Check your local grocery store to see if they provide any services you can utilize for your big day. 
10. Get creative with filler-flowers. 
Ask your florist to use a few impactful flowers and then fill in with less expensive blooms like Queen Anne's Lace and Baby's Breath. This will help make each bouquet cost less. 
11. Order blooms wholesale online. 
If you're planning to DIY your flowers, consider purchasing them online from a retailer like FiftyFlowers to help cut costs and increase the variety of blooms available to you. 
12. Provide your own alcohol. 
See if your caterer will allow you to bring your own alcohol to the reception. You'll save money by eliminating the markup cost that the caterer will charge.
13. Serve a signature cocktail instead of having an open bar. 
Get crafty with your cocktails to ensure that you don't over-spend on liquor. Serve guests beer and wine with one specialty liquor drink to wet their whistle. 
14. Create wedding signage instead of printing hundreds of paper items. 
If you display your menu or program on a canvas or in a frame as opposed to printing one for each guest, you can save some big bucks.
15. Consider family style eats. 
Serving up family style meals (where food is placed on the table and guests serve themselves) can cut some of the costs of waitstaff. 
16. Sometimes buying is cheaper than renting. 
When it comes to decor items, table settings and linens, sometimes it's cheaper to buy. Once you get a quote from your rental company on the cost of each napkin, linen or plate, determine whether it's more cost effective for you to purchase them. You'll even be able to sell the items after to make a little money back. 
17. Keep stemware simple. 
If you opt for the all of the stemware (red and white wine glasses, water glasses and champagne glasses) the cost of your rentals will add up quickly! Keep it simple to save. 18. Use bouquet flowers as centerpieces. After the ceremony, have your florist or coordinator place the bouquets in vases to double as centerpieces.
19. Have your baker create a faux cake. 
Ask your baker to create a real top layer of your wedding cake (to cut) and then create the other tiers out of styrofoam and decorate accordingly. It will keep the general costs of the cake down and will still look gorgeous! 
20. Serve up multiple sweets instead of one cake. 
Creating a dessert bar can be a cheaper alternative to the wedding cake. You can purchase the sweets from local establishments or whip them up yourself for an on-budget dessert display. 
21. Be your own DJ. 
Create a playlist on Spotify or iTunes and play music through your venue's sound system. 
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