How To Incorporate And Coordinate Your Color Schemes & Wedding Themes Into The Groomsmen's Looks

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If you’re dreaming of walking down the aisle towards a picturesque sight awaiting you at the altar, then you’ll want your wedding party to be as well-coordinated as your wedding day décor. Incorporating your color scheme and wedding themes into the outfits of your bridal party is as simple as finding a dress in your color of choice. It can get a little more challenging when it comes to the groomsmen’s outfits, which require a little more effort in the mixing and matching department. Taking the extra step to ensure that your wedding theme is well-incorporated into your wedding party’s outfits will elevate the overall look and feel of your wedding while allowing you and your groom to shine on the biggest day of your lives.

Choose Your Color Palette

Before you begin planning out the outfits for your wedding party, you’ll need to be locked in on your wedding’s color palette. The color scheme you choose for your wedding will set the tone for all of the design choices you make moving forward. This includes decorations, stationary, floral arrangements, wedding favors, cake design, and most importantly, the color of the outfits for some of the most important people that will be standing beside you and your groom.
If you have an aesthetic in mind for your wedding theme, this can make the process of choosing your colors much easier. Earthy tones such as terracotta, green, light blue and brown suit bohemian and nature inspired themes whereas colors like orange, blush pink, and pastel blue would suit a summery themed wedding. Utilizing online resources is a great way to help you narrow down your options to create a color palette that you love.
One of the major perks that Generation Tux offers is their free fabric swatch program that allows you to choose as many fabric swatches as you’d like in a range of colors that will be delivered to your door. This is a great way to ensure that the colors you’ve chosen online look as true to color in person before you commit to your purchase.
Online suit and tuxedo rental company Generation Tux specializes in getting men fitted for the perfect suits and tuxedos online with a Home Try-On program for the wedding couple to test drive their looks from home. Consider Your Bridesmaid’s Outfits First
It may seem counterproductive to focus on first having your bridesmaids’ outfits planned before planning the outfits for your groomsmen, but this will save you a significant amount of headache later down the line. Picking outfits that all your bridesmaids will love will go through numerous trials and errors than picking suits or tuxedos will for your groomsmen. Because you’ll naturally have more variety with the bridesmaid dresses, it’ll be best that you finalize the material, design, and color of their outfits before moving forward.

Be Mindful of Formality and Style

If you have already done the work and are set with your bridesmaid dresses, then consider the following details regarding formality and style to better help coordinate the perfect outfits for your groomsmen
Dresses that are formal or semi-formal can help you determine how you’ll dress your groomsmen and what colors you’ll want to utilize. Formal dresses will be paired with tuxedos or 3-piece or 2-piece suits with the addition of all the standard accessories like ties or bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks and suspenders. With extra elements to work with, there can be more opportunities to tie your color scheme into the groomsmen’s final looks. However, if you intend to have your groomsmen wear tuxedos then there may be less customizable elements when it comes to playing with the color or pattern of their dress shirts and ties.
Semi formal outfits will give you just as much variety as formal attire as you have the opportunity again to add colors from your wedding scheme into different elements of the outfit. How you perceive your ability to style casual outfits depends on if you see the glass as half empty or half full. To a certain degree, there is much more flexibility in playing with patterns and colors for casual weddings because there aren’t as many formality rules that come into place. However, you can also perceive there to be less options if you prefer your groomsmen do without suit jackets, cufflinks, suit vests and pocket squares, leaving you with the option to incorporate your wedding colors into their dress shirts, ties, socks or suspenders.

Combine Your Style with Today’s Trends

With your color and style options in mind, let’s take a look at some popular trends that can inspire the wedding day outfits for your groomsmen.
Mismatched Trend
The mismatched trend is certainly not new, but it still remains a popular option for couples who want to add a fun and creative flair to their groomsmen’s outfits. The mismatched trend mixes and matches specific colors from your chosen wedding color palette between each groom. This not only ties their outfits into the wedding theme, but it delivers a well-coordinated appearance without requiring the groomsmen to be dressed exactly the same. Let’s break this trend down even further.
Suits – Mixing and matching suit colors is the most noticeable way to achieve a mismatched look. One way you can recreate this trend on your groomsmen is by selecting two of Generation Tux’s suit colors. For this example, we’ll select the British Tan Suit and the Mystic Blue suit, assuming that the colors blue and tan appear in your color palette. In a party of five groomsmen, three can wear the British Tan suit with the Mystic Blue suit vest and the remaining two can wear the Mystic Blue suit with the British Tan suit vest. This will allow your groomsmen to have the freedom to choose their preferred suit color while remaining well within the realm of your wedding’s color theme without being dressed exactly like the other groomsmen.
Shirts – Similar to the method of mismatching suit jacket colors, mismatched dress shirts can be a more subtle and fun way to incorporate your wedding colors into your groomsmen’s final looks without drawing too much attention to their individual outfits. A great example of this can be selecting a Cement Gray suit for all the groomsmen where some of them wear a light blue windowpane plaid shirt with a light blue tie and others wearing a solid light blue dress shirt with a silver tie or even a solid white dress shirt with a light blue tie. This can give a subtle mismatched appearance underneath the suit jacket or, if casual wear is the dress code for the wedding, it can be a noticeable pop of color without the suit jacket.
Accessories – For more formal looks that require a tuxedo, mismatching accessories is the best way to be on trend without compromising the overall appearance or aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve. If you’ve decided to style your groomsmen in a Charcoal Gray Notch Lapel Tuxedo, you can divide them by those wearing a jade solid bow tie and a dusty sage bow tie, if those colors are part of your color palette.
Ombre Suits
The ombre trend is a beloved trend when executed correctly although not always easy to achieve. Similar to that of the popular hair style, the ombre trend is achieved when the bridesmaid’s dress colors and the groomsmen’s suit colors are carefully selected so that each individual’s outfit is a slightly different hue than the wedding party members standing on either side of them. For bridesmaids, this can be achieved by having the maid of honor, who stands closest to the bride, wearing a pastel pink and then each bridesmaid wearing a pink hue that is a slightly different tint or shade of pink until you achieve a soft to vibrant ombre effect when standing together.
In order to achieve an ombre effect for your groomsmen, the same styling rule applies – granted this may be harder to achieve as suits and tuxedos rarely come in enough shades similar to one another. One way you can achieve this effect with limited options is by dressing your groomsmen from light gray to black. Starting with the best man in Generation Tux’s Cement Gray Suit, followed by the Gray Sharkskin Suit, the Iron Gray Suit and lastly your standard Black Suit, will create a beautiful gradient effect. This will pair nicely with almost any shades and hues the bridesmaids’ dresses will be, ensuring that everyone is well-coordinated.
Florals and Patterns
Playing with florals and patterns is a fun yet simple way to add color and personality to your wedding party’s attire. Firstly, you’ll need to choose what florals or patterns your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing, and they should fit into your color scheme or wedding theme. The next step is to determine whether your bridesmaid dresses will have the floral design or if your groomsmen’s outfits will have the floral design to be coordinated with your bridesmaids’ solid colored dresses. If your groomsmen will be wearing patterns, then what color dresses will your bridesmaids wear to match? When it comes to incorporating florals and patterns into your wedding party’s outfits, it’s best to pair them with solid colors within your color palette to avoid the designs from looking too loud and distracting. Let’s say your bridesmaids dresses will be dusty pink with plum colored florals. A well-coordinated groomsman outfit would be the Allure Beige Suit with a plum tie and pocket square paired with Persian plum, teal & capri blue striped socks. This is one of many variations you can make when styling florals and patterns among your wedding party.
Styling your groomsmen's outfits with your color scheme, wedding theme, and bridesmaids’ outfits is a great way to create a beautifully blended, colorful, and well-coordinated wedding. It gives your groomsmen the freedom to choose which of your chosen styles they’d prefer to wear so they, too, can feel comfortable and confident on your big day. With Generation Tux’s wide array of color options, styles and accessories, building the perfect look for your wedding party can now be easier than ever.
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