The Best Pink Wedding Photos To Celebrate National Pink Day

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“On Wednesdays we wear pink.” If you are a pop-culture guru, then you are probably familiar with this famous line from the cult hit Mean Girls. If you have not seen the movie, all you need to know is that three “mean” girls control their high school so much so that they dictate what color their clique wears on Wednesdays — in fact, the tradition has become a trend in real high schools.

The irony is too great to imagine National Pink Day falling on Wednesday, surely queen bee Regina George (Rachel McAdams) would approve. In honor of #NationalPinkDay, we have rounded up some inspiring pink themed weddings, which you should feel free to sport even if your ceremony doesn’t fall on a Wednesday. From pink engagement rings, stationery, cake, and cotton candy cocktails to blush-colored place settings, floral arrangements, and boutonnieres, there is a lot of inspo out there if pink is your style.

Move Over Champagne, Cotton Candy Is The New Everything

Who Says Your Wedding Dress Needs To Be White?

Hot Take: Hot Pink Is The Best Pink

Pink Decor To Match The Dress

Pink Accessories Are A Must

Arrive In Style

We Heard Pink Cakes Taste Better

Pretty Sure Cinderella Wore Pink Glass Slippers

No Matter The Season, Pink Flowers Are Always A Good Idea

Pink Eyeshadow & Lipstick To Complete The Look

Even if you are not yet at the wedding planning stage in your life, or have your heart set on a different theme, wear a dash of pink or enjoy a pink donut to celebrate #NationalPinkDay.

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